Marc Koegel

Marc Koegel is a Vancouver fine art photographer, educator, writer and the director of Vancouver Photo Workshops Ltd, one of Canada’s largest family owned photography schools. Born in Germany, Marc first came to Canada in 1996 to earn an Economics degree. He has been seriously involved with photography ever since he was given his father’s camera and darkroom setup at the age of 12. Growing up near the water near the numerous lighthouses along the commercial waterway called Elbe, Marc developed a deep appreciation and connection to these structures. His black and white long exposure landscapes capture a magnetic space, where the stillness of man-made structures encounters natural forces verging on the sublime. Despite their visual solitude, the grand spaces of enduring flatlands in Marc’s, “The Canadian Prairie Series” and the serene waters in “The Lighthouse Series”, are anything but empty. Marc’s photography has won several international awards and has been widely exhibited in Vancouver and internationally.