Natalie Reynolds

Vancouver based artist Natalie Reynolds grew up in a postmodern art-filled home in Edmonton, Alberta, and as a child attended art classes at the Art Gallery of Alberta. She later studied Environmental Graphic Design at MacEwan University, and worked as a graphic artist for fifteen years before committing to an art studio and painting practice in East Vancouver. Natalie paints daily in her studio creating bold and vibrant works on canvas, board, and other surfaces. She creates rich tableaux, rooms, and strange worlds. Colourful objects become characters in loose narratives via the application of both liberated and precise brushwork. She is intrigued by visual contrast and metaphorical context; the juxtaposition of form, and the interplay of light and dark. With their mix of quirky shapes and bright colours tempered with dark, her painted environments make for a playful contradiction between balance and disorder. Accessing imagination and memory, her pieces evoke enigmatic otherworldly landscapes along with elements of a familiar, known reality. Natalie’s works are held in private collections in Canada and the USA.