Ya-Chu Kang

Ya-Chu Kang was born in Taiwan where she received her MFA in textile from Tainan National University of Arts, and BFA in sculpture from National Taiwan University of the Arts, Taipei. She works across disciplines and cultures creating mix-media, drawing, sculpture, installation, video and photographs. Her work examines the relationships between environment and human bodies, as well as personal reactions to exteriors like nature, building, clothing, envelopes and commercial packaging. She eliminates the boundary between usable items and sculpture – the functional and the aesthetic. She intends her creations to be a social response to a world she views as an increasingly preposterous phenomenon. Pieces of her series “Showtime”, made primarily of comic book paper, demonstrate how people sometimes base their identities on comic books, seeking escape from the real world to masquerade as the characters from the fictitious images. Kang has showed her work in Taiwan, New York, Munich, Lithuania, Syria, Nepal, Okinawa and Vancouver, and did residency programs in Taiwan, USA, Bangladesh, Jordan and Japan. She lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan and Vancouver, Canada.