A Poor Collector’s Guide to Buying Great Art

By Gestalten

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Today's art market is incredibly dynamic and with so much to see and explore it is no surprise that a growing number of people wish to start art collections of their own. However, the notoriously unpredictable and subjective nature of art collecting can make it a highly daunting task for those who are just starting out.
In A Poor Collector's Guide to Buying Great Art, veteran collector and Norwegian adventurer Erling Kagge offers sound advice to those who may enjoy art but lack experience in how the art market actually functions. Drawing on his own experiences both as a collector as well as a mountaineer, he 
tackles a variety of key issues such as getting started in the art market, trusting one's instincts, appraising the value of a piece as well as finding trustworthy partners.
This book will undoubtedly serve as a great companion to any fledgling collector or to any enthusiast who wants to learn more about the insular and often inexplicable world of the art market.

By: Erling Kagge

Release date: June 2015

Format: 6 3/4″ × 9 1/2″

Features: Full color, hardcover, 192 pages