Super Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work

By Gestalten

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Presenting a tightly curated collection of cutting-edge creative work from all over the world, Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work takes you inside the trends driving today’s most exciting art and design creations.
Founded in 2006, Behance is the world’s largest creative network, where millions of people showcase and discover creative work. While it can take years for new creative trends to be identified and then showcased in museum exhibitions, Behance—and its team of curators—take the pulse of the creative world everyday. From innovative implementations of traditional crafts to wildly unexpected uses of new technologies, Super-Modified presents an insider’s look at how classical approaches to art and design are being subverted, blurred, and reinvented by today’s crop of emerging creatives.

By: Behance

Release date: March 2015

Format: 7 7/8″ ×  10 1/2″

Features: Full color, hardcover, 288 pages