Chop Chop cutting board

By Hay

$97.50 $195.00

Don’t let the name restrict the versatility of this beautiful object! The Chop Chop cutting board is not only sturdy enough to function as a chopping  board to prepare your favourite food, but it also makes the perfect surface for displaying in style all kinds of objects within the home. The minimal design and smooth marble surface combine the contemporary and the organic in an object that celebrates form and function.

Material: Calacatta marble

Dimensions: 13 3/4″W x 7 1/8″L x 5/8″H

Care: Marble is not resistant to acidic foods. Avoid cutting lemons etc. on the chopping board. Wash the cutting board by hand, with warm water and a little dishwashing soap (pH- neutral). Dry the board after washing. You may treat the board with soap flakes once in a while, for maintenance.