anton lukashov unknown condition 2019 oil on canvas 48”x36”

By Anton Lukashov


In his oeuvres, Russian artist Anton Lukashov works with conventional oil paint, cutting-edge 3D printing and 3D software technology. Through his artistic practice, Lukashov has developed a new aesthetic that plays with the human perception of objects, creating a sense of hyper-reality. Anton explores the uncanny phenomenon of digital imagery in art through technological and traditional approaches to art-making, immersing the viewer in his dystopian and irreverent visual world.
Anton Lukashov moved to Vancouver in 2009 after completing his training in art and earning his Bachelor of Architecture in Russia. In 2016, Anton had his first exhibition at the Waterfall Gallery in Vancouver, followed by a group show titled Address Assembly. In the years since, Lukashov has mounted three concept exhibitions where he develops direct relationships with his clients. Furthermore, he uses Instagram to make his work accessible to collectors in Russia, the USA and across Canada.

Year: 2019

Media: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 48" x 36"