Untitled 16

By Carla Tak


Carla Tak, who left home and formal education at an early age, credits life experiences as her greatest teachers. Drawing inspirations from the bold abstractions of the postwar New York School and years spent in psychotherapy, Tak explores the psychological drama of her own personal experiences in non-objective form through her paintings. She employs her palette knife, brushes and hands as the means to manifest her emotions, perceptions and memories. As an artist, she stays true to her personal process in which she suspends her logical voice and allows her intuitive self to guide her expression. Through her work, she invites viewers to engage their intuitive selves and to develop their own interpretations. Tak lives in Vancouver, Canada. She paints, every day, in her studio when she is not visiting her grandchildren in Los Angeles. Her work is held widely in collections across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Year: 2019

Media: Acrylic on panel

Dimensions: 60” x 40”