By Carole Sinclair


Carole Sinclair is an innovative painter, fashion designer and mixed media artist. Her training in Japanese Expressionist brushstroke provides strong influence for her use of space and gestures in her work. Her process is fundamentally abstract through spontaneous personal expression, exploring the unexpected and the unpredictable. The juxtaposition of diverse media and found objects interact on the given plane which creates a transition between the natural and sometimes industrial. This allows the piece to evolve and find its own form. Carole is most comfortable with ambiguity, uncertainty, chaos and confusion. She loves exploring the unexpected in order to bypass the correct or learned way, to run against the grain and to include mistakes. Carole resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her artwork is held in private collections in Canada, The United Kingdom, Mexico and The United States.

Year: 2016

Media: Found material on panel

Dimensions: 24” x 20”

Framed under plexiglass