Heal the Divide print

By Ketty Zhang


Ketty Zhang is a research-based multidisciplinary artist who currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. Often using her day-to-day experiences as a starting point of her research, she is fascinated with existing discourses around everyday objects and technologies and their reflections of our socio-political landscape. She holds a BA Double Major in Visual Arts and Art History from UBC and has exhibited at various venues in Canada, the UK, China and Sweden. Her Heal the Divide installation piece uses the burning of divisive content in the news as fuel for the age-old cupping practice as a symbolic method of healing.

Media: Giclee print on 314 grams fine art 100% cotton fibre paper with a smooth satin finish

Limited edition of 10

Signed by the artist on the back

Dimensions: 28 1/2” x 20 1/2”

Natural oak ps framed