Icelandic sheepkin cushion short

By The Organic Sheep


Icelandic sheepskin cushions are made from a robust, free-roaming breed of sheep. The wool’s unusual character – long, fuzzy and very soft – is the result of centuries of adaptation to the harsh Icelandic climate. The long hair protects the sheep’s skin from moisture and keeps the animal warm. Each sheepskin cushion cover is carefully selected and treated specifically in order to retain the natural, unique beauty of the hair. No artificial colours or harsh chemicals are used at any point, which makes these cushions both allergy-free and environmentally friendly.  Sheepskin cushions provide warmth and an attractive Nordic look wherever you place them. They are the ultimate in comfort, and are the perfect addition to any chair, sofa or bed. Each sheepskin cushion is unique and can present slight colour and size variations.

Material: Short haired Icelandic sheepskin cover,  polyester reverse cover and feather and down insert

Color: White

Dimensions: 18″ x 18″

Care: The sheepskin cushion should be shaken outdoors or vacuumed regularly