Mayan Copal incense (set of 10)

By Woodlot


Used in ancient Aztec traditions, Mayan Copal is loved for its purifying properties and its woody scent of pine. The sacred wood is harvested from medicinal trees native to southern Mexico, and with a burn-time of 60 minutes per stick, Copal is your new natural necessity. This set of incense sticks can be perfectly paired with our Boat incense holder from Poketo. 
Based in Vancouver, Woodlot is a line of premium, natural home & body basics. Woodlot uses ancient methods of craftsmanship and ethically-sourced ingredients to create elegant personal care products that will elevate your wellness rituals.

Ingredients: Mayan white copal and bamboo

Scent: Purifying aromas of wood and pine 

Burning tips: Light your Copal incense stick and set it in rice or sand, in a bowl, cup or your favourite ceramic dish