Palo Santo (bundle of 5)

By Woodlot


The burning of Palo Santo wood is one of the oldest traditional acts of wellness. The benefits of this ritual have withstood the test of time, proving to be even more relevant with our modern-day stressors. Named “Holy Wood,” these sacred sticks are native to shamanic rituals in South America. Sustainably sourced from the fallen branches of Ecuadorian trees, turn to Palo Santo for cleansing your space, purifying the air, and uplifting the mood. Burning Palo Santo also serves as an alternative method of warding off mosquitoes.
Based in Vancouver, Woodlot is a line of premium, natural home & body basics. Woodlot uses ancient methods of craftsmanship and ethically-sourced ingredients to create elegant personal care products that will elevate your wellness rituals.

Directions: Light the end of a stick and let it burn for 30 seconds to a minute before blowing out the flame – then spread smoke throughout the air. Each stick should last roughly 15 uses.