Hollow Tree candles

By Hollow Tree

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Whistler-based Hollow Tree derives inspiration for their complex and refined scents from the majestic forests of the Pacific Northwest. These candles are handcrafted using 100% coconut wax and only the highest quality oils from Grasse, France. Hollow Tree not only hopes to share the beauty of British Columbia’s forests but also aims to preserve them through sustainable practices – all their packaging is made using recycled paper and their ceramic jars break down easily into the soil. These beautifully crafted, environmentally-friendly candles will bring the magic of the Pacific Northwest to your home!

Ingredients/Material: Blend of 100% coconut wax and non-synthetic essential oils derived from plants as well as cotton wick. Packaging is recycled/able and ceramic (silica) jar is biodegradable.

  • Raven: lavender, salal, cedarwood
  • Voyager: tobacco, apple, black pepper

Weight: 260g

Burn Time: Up to 60 hours