Ingress series

By Michela Sorrentino


The series Ingress stems from a body of work done in 2014 called Ludique. Ludique is a French term used to express playfulness. This work was large and used strong colours, organic and geometric forms colliding and balancing with one another conveying a real sense of play and whimsy. Ingress uses a similar colour palette but contrastingly, the forms are more architectural with a sense of geometry and perspective. The paintings are strong and graphic in nature but when viewed closely, hint at narrow passageways or corridors thus the title, Ingress. The inspiration for this work came to Sorrentino when she happened upon a small Canadian postage stamp with an image of a Jack Bush painting. Jack Bush being one of Canada’s leading abstract modernist painters of the 1950’s. The image on the stamp captivated her with its irregular bands of colour. These angular irregularities so struck her that she strived to accentuate the angles and meeting points of each colour band so that the shapes had more rigidity and became more structural or architectural in look.
Michela Sorrentino was born in Montreal, Quebec, and grew up in West Vancouver. She studied Fine Art at Capilano University and continued her studies at Les Beaux Arts in Paris. She specialized in textile design at the well-known Parisian fashion college, ESMOD (École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode). Sorrentino worked as a textile designer in France and Italy for many years, overseeing print collections in India and China, before returning to Canada where she started a graphic design company with her husband. In recent years, Sorrentino’s focus is her career in the visual arts and her medium of choice is painting. She also enjoys working in mixed media, printmaking and monotypes. Sorrentino breaks conventional painting rules by combining cold wax, oil, acrylic, graphite, ink, gouache and charcoal. Her playful, repetitive patterns, influenced by her background in graphic and textile design, draw the viewer in, while her thoughtful use of typography and mark making adds depth and patina. Sorrentino resides on a farm on Salt Spring Island, BC with her husband and two teenagers. Her work is held in European, US and Canadian private art collections.

Year: 2017

Media: Gouache on paper

Dimensions: 20" x 17"

Glass framed