Hablemos del amor

By Miriam Aroeste


Originally from Mexico, Miriam Aroeste is a Vancouver-based multimedia artist who has worked in the arts for over 20 years. Aroeste has exhibited her work in group and solo shows in Canada, the United States, Mexico and France. She reflects her extensive travels in her work through the use of abstract themes that transcend gender, race or subject matter - she deliberately leaves her work open and inclusive to evoke an authentic, emotional response on behalf of the viewer. Aroeste furthers this meditative quality of her compositions through a strong focus on line, colour and gesture, which results in a piece that is understood viscerally rather than conceptually. Her extensive experience in international milieus has fostered a sense of discovery and adventure in her artistic practice. During her time living in France and Italy, she immersed herself in the local creative spheres, leading to a lifelong appreciation and passion for the visual arts. Aroeste's work is held in a variety of collections found in Canada, the United States, Italy, Israel, Mexico, and others.Ori

Year: 2020

Medium: Mixed media on paper

Dimensions: 24" x 30"

Glass framed