Departure print

By Paper Collective


Danish/American photographer, Enok Holsegaard, shot Departure when he was travelling a lot. During this time of frequent migration, Holsegaard became fascinated by the tension between the interior and exterior of the airport. The interior is highly bureaucratic and rigid while the exterior gives way to endless horizons and escape. Holsegaard captures this strange juxtaposition as the lush greenery and shinning jet dominate the frame and suggest freedom; however, it is clear that the photographer's gaze is removed, probably constrained behind a pane of glass.
Paper Collective collaborates with top Scandinavian designers, artists and illustrators to produce inspirational and iconic graphic prints while promoting great causes and charities. The brand emphasizes the importance of social responsibility, sustainability and strong creative partnership. When you purchase this print you are contributing to the construction of the Paper Collective School in Nepal.

Media: Offset printed on 250g photo quality paper (archival quality, FSC certified) and produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system

Dimensions:  20 1/2” x 28 1/2”

Solid oak ps framed