Anush planters

By Seven Sundays Studios


Handmade in San Francisco, the Anush planter from Seven Sundays Studios will mature and age as your plant grows. Crafted using natural leather, each planter is a one of a kind piece, so slight variations in size and shade are to be expected. 
Anya Dinovich founded Seven Sundays Studios following extensive travels and a career in the fashion industry. Through her studio, Dinovich follows her lifelong impulse to create - exploring the links between happiness and our surroundings as well as the beauty of imperfection. 

Material: Natural leather

  • Large: 10"W x 14"D x 12" H
  • Medium: 9"W x 12"D x 11" H

Care: Exposure to the sun will darken the leather over time and water may leave marks on the material. Please take care when watering your plant, or simply choose to embrace the beauty of imperfection!