Bincho (glass bottle + kishu binchotan)

By Sort Of Coal


The Bincho combines a beautiful clear water bottle and a stick of kishu binchotan to create an elegant water purifier. By adding the piece of powerful white charcoal to the bottle, your ordinary tap water is naturally softened, ionized, and freed of up to 75% of added chlorine, while being enriched with minerals such as potassium and magnesium. The earthy and minimal feel of this bottle is the perfect, unique addition to any home, or you can take it outdoors for purified water on-the-go.

Material: Glass, silicon and white charcoal

Dimensions: 10 3/8"H x 3 1/2"D

Capacity: 1l

Care: Refill the bottle with cold tap water whenever you like, and leave for at least two hours, preferably overnight, to efficiently purify and enrich your water. Boil the binchotan for one minute once a week, to keep it fresh and fully active. When not in use, the binchotan can be dried and stored in a container or plastic bag. The glass bottle is dishwasher proof. 

Life cycle: After 3 months of daily use, the binchotan will not be active any longer. Once you've finished using it, nature will gladly take it back. An excellent fertilizer, just crush it and mix with potting soil where it will add nourishment and regulate the PH balance - so your plants can thrive and flourish and do an even better job of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere around this planet that we love so much.