Hakutan air freshener

By Sort Of Coal


Equally pleasing to the eye, body and mind, this aesthetic chunk of powerful white charcoal made from hard Korean Holm oak is a natural and electricity-free air freshener for any room.  It works especially well in the bathroom or kitchen where it will effectively regulate humidity levels, while cleansing the air of pollution, steam and odours. White charcoal or “active charcoal” has long been known for its purifying, enriching and restorative benefits. In Japan a Hakutan is often placed next to the computer, where the negative ions that it emits help to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves. As an added benefit, negative ions are airborne vitamins for your spirits and sense of wellbeing.

Material: White charcoal made from hard Korean Holm oak

Color: Black with slight white markings

Dimensions: Approximately 6"H x 5"D, although each Hakutan is unique and present slight colour and size variations

Care: Place it directly on any dry surface. Keep it free of dust with a vacuum cleaner. Occasionally expose to direct sunlight and let it dry completely to revitalize its ability to adsorb impurities and moisture from the air.